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For Authors

Publication policy


The editorial board of the Journal of Quality and Enviromental Studies implements anti-ghostwriting procedure and strict plagiarism detection policy.


Ghostwriting (guest authorship) is a situation where a person contributes significantly to a publication and is not disclosed as one of the authors or named in the acknowledgments.


Guest authorship (honorary authorship) is a situation where an author's contribution is insignificant or non existent and he is still listed as author/co-author of a publication.


We invite all individuals involved in research in Poland, as well as economists from foreign scientific centers to cooperate with us.
All works sent to us are verified by the Scientific Council and after preliminary qualification shall be forwarded to the anonymous evaluation by independent reviewers.


1. In Journal of Quality and Enviromental Studies are published only articles in English.
2. Journal of Quality and Enviromental Studies is a quarterly.
3. Only the articles with high-quality of English language will be qualified for reviewing and final publication process.
4. In Journal of Quality and Enviromental Studies are published only papers which were not published before in other journals.
5. Author who submit articles should also include a completed and signed application form, which is available for download from below.

[pobierz] 0.1 MB application-form

6. Text of the paper should contain minimum 20000 and maximum 40000 characters with spaces /or longer if approved by the editor/, including an abstract, body of the text, tables, footnotes, and references.
7. The manuscript should be in MS Word format (.doc or .docx), submitted as an email attachment to our email address (
8. With the electronic version of the text all graphs, figures and drawings in editing form with the original files such as Excel, must be submitted.
9. Authors of the articles being accepted are required to sign the Transfer of Copyright Agreement form which is available for download from below.

[pobierz] 0.1 MB the-statement-of-transfer-of-copyrights

10. The condition for forwarding the text to reviewing process is an absolute compliance with the editorial requirements and high-quality of English language. The evaluation form is available for download for authors from below.

[pobierz] 0.1 MB reviewing-form

11. Articles in Journal of Quality and Enviromental Studies are published only in electronic version.
12. The author, after submitting the text, receives electronic information about acceptance of the paper and transfer to the review.
13. After receiving a review of the article, the Author is obliged to send the signed response to the review in an electronic form, with the revised text taking into account the suggestions of the reviewers.
14. In the response to the review the author must answer to all the problems and suggestion indicated by the reviewer.
15. The author must indicate all the changes that were made in the final version of the paper with precise location of these changes (number of page and paragraph of the manuscript). In an electronic version of the final paper the fragments changed must be marked with red color of the font.
16. An article should be submitted electronically at the email address:
17. The deadline for the implementation of the author's corrections is a maximum of 2 weeks. Failure to meet the deadline may result in delayed publication of the article.
18. The authors of articles published in Journal of Quality and Enviromental Studies are not paid.


Publishing address:


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Ul. Jana Kochanowskiego 8
58-500 Jelenia Góra