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Volume 1 Issue 1 Article 2

Corporate social responsibility and the concept of good governance – depending analysis and functioning
Anna Syroczyńska (pp. 16-23)


Purpose: The primary purpose of this article is to present the relationship between the concept of good governance and social responsibility of the organization.
Design/methodology/approach: critical analysis of the text.
Findings: Social responsibility is one of the areas of management science, which for many years enjoyed unflagging popularity. Corporate social responsibility and public administration connect a strong relationship. Primarily public administration units should be responsible to society. The current socio-economic system forced the public administration to pay attention the social responsibility. The aim of the concept of social responsibility is besides sustainable development and improving the quality of life of local communities well as improving their position in the arena of regional, national and international. The priority for an entity operating in the spirit of social responsibility has become to achieve a balance between the interests of efficiency and social and environmental. An innovative approach to management in public administration is good governance - a concept brought to life by the World Bank by publishing the Principles for the change in the operation of public administration.
Originality/value: The article describes ethics as the foundation of social responsibility. It also describes the relationships that exist between sustainability and social responsibility and identifies good governance as a new concept of public management.
Keywords: corporate social responsibility, ISO 26000, good governance.
Paper type: theoretical analysis.


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