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Volume 1 Issue 1 Article 4

Rationality of the state in development of the higher education system in Ukraine in the condition of the sustainable development
Andrew Pochtovyuk, Katerina Pryakhina (pp.32-40)


Purpose: To show the role of state in development of higher educational system in Ukraine. Design/methodology/approach: literature review, critical analysis of the text.

Findings: The system of the higher education (further – SHE) has lines distinguishing it from other social and economic systems, producing the public benefits as consumption of educational services assumes an advantage not only directly to a consumer, but also society as a whole. As rationality activities of higher education rational behavior of all SHE subjects, whose interests have to be happy and connected during realization of the higher education mission, expediently gradual consideration of rational behavior characteristics of each subject of SHE in the presence of three main components of rationality.
Originality/value: Within this article it is necessary to define extents of existence in the state actions of rationality attributes in relation to mission of the higher school. This combination of interests of personality, society, labor market and itself in a context of three attributes of rationality: goal-setting, development of means and mechanisms of purpose achievement, and also a definition of the end result of its own actions.
Keywords: the higher education (HE), high school (HS), management of the higher education (MHE), system of the higher education (SHE), the National frame of qualifications (NFK).
Paper type: case study.

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