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Volume 8 Issue 3 Article 2

Development of rural villages via family entrepreneurship
Ondrej Mos (pp. 10-19)


Purpose: This paper will try to examine literature about rural municipalities and the challenges they face and provide reasoning if and why should they be supported, continuing onto how family entrepreneurship can be a tool of rural development.
Design/methodology/approach: For the purpose of their research they used the method of critically analyzing the literature.
Findings: Rural villages are an important part of our countryside and many of them are steadily losing their population to urban/suburban areas. This happens due to a number of reasons, with worsening economic situation being the most pronounced one. Rural villages should not be abandoned to their fate, since it makes not only social, but also economic sense to keep them alive and prosperous. In order to achieve such state, supporting rural family entrepreneurship should be considered as a viable tool of rural development. Family enterprises can provide rural villages with the much needed jobs, revenues and stability.
Keywords: family entrepreneurship; rural entrepreneurship; rural municipalities; rural villages; rural development.
Paper type: case study


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